Performances and Gigs

DCF 1.0

November 15, 2015  Havana, Cuba

Performed with local group in front of a cigar shop in Old Havana

Donated guitar strings and saxophone reeds which are expensive for Cuban musicians


May 23, 2015     UCSD Cross Cultural Center

May 8, 2015      Christie’s Place, San Diego

May 2, 2015     Sierra Roble Winery, Cinco de Mayo

April 30, 2015  Ramona Library – Opening – New Technology Lab


Previous Gigs

January 31, 2015
Poway Lake (5 km Wildlife Hike-a-Thon)
Performed at the finish line with guest artist Jon McKee

Los Dos Peregringos


February 6, 2015

Fundraiser at Ramona Elementary School



March 1, 2015 

UCSD, Atkinson Hall 1:30 to 2 pm,   prior to:

Premier Showing of  “In The Moment


March 7, 2015
Sierra Roble Winery (private event)


May 2, 2015
Sierra Roble Winery  (public event)


Weekly performances at Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, approximately 12 hours per week.  I’ve been a musician for Rady’s since 1994 entertaining patients and providing calming background music for patients, parents, and staff members.

Jose Smith – harpist, accordionist, guitarist